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Line Stopping – Line Plugging

Line Stopping is a means of stopping the flow and providing an optional bypass (in case the line medium needs to be supplied downstream) while repairs or alteration works are in progress. Line Stopping can be performed on various piping materials and for a variety of media such as gas, oil, water, steam, process piping & sewage, etc.

Why use Line Stopping?

Service to consumers of process industries and sensitive services is maintained.
Contamination and / or loss of fluid or gas does not occur.
Toxic or harmful product is not released.
Fire protection not affected.
No time wasted draining the systems.
Personnel are used efficiently on effecting repair.
Eliminates need for bulk transfer and storage of harmful fluids.

TAPTME can provide Stopping services on DN80 to DN1500 lines at 150 bar pressure on multiple mediums.