is a joint-venture company formed by a consortium of Pipeline and Industrial Services Specialist Companies 

Power Technology Service SA Limited, UK
F4 Holdings (India) Private Limited , INDIA
Trans Asia Pipeline Services FZC, Sharjah, UAE

Trans Asia Power Technology Middle East, FZC is based at Sharjah Hamriyah Free Zone Phase II, UAE. Providing specialized services & products to the Oil and Gas, Water and other Utility pipelines including for the Process plants such as Refineries, Petro Chemical, Fertilizer, Power and Water desalinization,  Aluminium/ Iron and Steel Plants, Chiller Units, District Cooling Plants in the Middle East Region.

The core services of the company are:

  • Hot /Cold Tapping, Line/Flow Stopping
  • Pipe Freezing
  • Cold Cutting / On-Site Machining
  • On-Line Valve Inserting
  • Valve activation/Valve locking
  • Bolt Tensioning/Torqueing
  • On-Line Leak Sealing and Composite Wrapping
Trans Asia Company
Trans Asia

In addition to these services the TAPTME also Design, Manufactures and supplies the following Products, Hot Tap/Line Stop Split Tee’s (Welding or Bolting Type) / Branch Nozzles  with Closure Flange with Plug or Flow through guide bars (FTGB),  Dismantling Joints,  Restraint Coupling, End Restraint Couplings, Flange Adaptors, Self-Sealing leak Repair Clamps, Flanges, Valves Etc.


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